Friday, April 2, 2010

april fools and summer wishes

okay, i admit it. i'm a jokester. i love pranks. i like scaring people (as in the 'jump out and yell "BOO!" as loud as possible'). i pull pranks as often as my schedule allows. april fool's day is for me, a GREAT day.

see below.

and then this one.

do i not look majorly unhappy and hurt?

now, before you get all worried... no it's not REAL. i didn't actually get a black eye (although i've had one before).

i told all my classes this story:

ummm... water polo seems to be attacking my face. can it please stop now? (latest pictures of the injuries sustained on 3/31... after thorough icing + pain relievers) i got kicked in the face by one of the girls i coach when i got in the pool yesterday--it WAS an accident.

IN REALITY, this is just pretty instense makeup (err, paint). i used some red and blue tempera paint *yes, i know, it's weird* some purple eyeshadow, and a little bit of lipstick. VOILA! i've got all 5 of my classes convinced, and all but 2 of my co-workers that i got another water polo injury :D even my sister was upset that i posted these to my facebook page earlier because it was apparently upsetting my grandmother (which wasn't my intent, but i think it's AWESOME that i fooled just about everyone).

see, i actually DID get a bruise earlier this week from getting elbowed in the chin. it hurts (and is still getting better)

it was basically a huge blood blister inside my mouth, and one reason i had everyone fooled is that i got a concussion from water polo about 3 weeks ago, so getting a kick to the face really is quite plausible.

anyway, i would love to hear of any april fool's that you pulled on someone... i've heard of some awesome stories--let me know if you hear one :D

anyway, on to my cards >

this is a simple summery card, made with some WeRMK paper, and some PTI sentiments. love the bright colors :D

here's another one using the same concept with a fun flower and some ribbon leaves. i used an epoxy button thing from K&Co, May Arts ribbon, and the swirl comes from DCWV paper 'Mi Casa' line :D

totally fabulous, right? you can't get any better than that BOLD swirl! i rolled the edges on that baby a bit, and it gave it the perfect texture for the card. no sentiment needed! i love that.

okay, that's it, i JUST officially started SPRING BREAK from school, and i've got a egg coloring party planned for tonight, so i've got to get workin! :D

also, don't worry, i haven't forgotten about the pompom pictures i was going to show you... give me a few days to relax from school and i'll get them up in a jiffy.

thanks for stopping by! :D

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