Wednesday, April 21, 2010

fun stuff (aka ramblings) about me

so i've been inspired by my friend Paulina to do a 'rambling' post on random topics. i warn you now... none of this is terribly important, so if it's importance you're looking for, it probably won't be found here.

that being said, here goes nothing...

  • i like to crunch pine cones on the sidewalk to make the loudest sound possible. i frequently go out of my way to do this.
  • i have the been addicted to cracking everything in my body... back 2x before bed, neck, hips, knees, toes on both feet, and more... ALL just before falling asleep. i recently started going to the chiropractor and breaking said habit is HARD!
  • i like to draw pictures in stick figure format of the scenes from books we read in school on the whiteboard.
  • i have never been kissed.
  • i lost my voice last thursday (i coached my team against an undefeated school and shouted myself hoarse), and it's taken me until today to get it back.
  • i love scaring people.
  • i know how to play the card game bridge, but rarely do.
  • my closet is full of pink, red, black, and blue clothes. then throw in some green, orange, yellow, purple, and white... and VOILA!
  • i have a hard time spelling vaccuum correctly.
  • i think that facial hair on guys is cute (most of the time), and sometimes sexy. :D
  • i might be obsessed with baking bread...
  • i have been known to talk with strangers in parking lots regarding their recent Cricut purchase for their wife

and that's it for now! if you weren't bored, then it's a miracle! i might do another one of these in a bit, so we'll see how things turn out (like... did you like it/ think it was dorky? let me know).

thanks for stopping by, and sorry i've been such a stranger :)


..::Paulina::.. said...

I'm thankful you don't scare me...if you start, I will stop talking to you. No, I'm not joking either.

I must say, your bread is da bomb and I'm glad you like making it. :)

Love this post and hope you'll do another one! hehe

celi.a said...

Aww...super cute! I'm kind of hungry for homemade bread now, though. And I am RIGHT THERE with you on the crunching pinecones. No, seriously.


Janine Wei said...

This is why I like you so much. We're both loud, we both like bright colors, and we share the same opinions on facial hair (on guys). It just depends on the cut and the guy...if it's right, it can be drop dead sexy. :)

Love ya! :)

Ayana Posadas said...

Haha... this was super cute and fun to read! You sound like such a fun person! :)
I plan on doing one of these next week too!

Nami Nakamura said...

I enjoyed reading your ramblings. It inspired me to do my own:
Can't wait for the next installment!