Monday, April 5, 2010

'thank you' for spring break!

omgosh! i've had such a busy and fun weekend...

let's see what i've done:
  • started spring break on friday afternoon *yahoo!*
  • DIDN'T coach any water polo on friday after school *DOUBLE YAHOO!*
  • hosted an egg coloring party which was as i'd say, a HUGE success on friday night... first real party at the apt.
  • slept in late on saturday, went to my parent's house and had some yummy breakfast
  • colored more eggs (yes, more. this time with my mom)
  • had some KRISPY KREME donuts! AHHHH! i LOVE them. you see, i think this might be a downfall for me... i live RIGHT next to a KK place... and they're so cheap and delicious. i will have to resist a LOT.
  • met AMY at Jo-Anns to give her some Sassafras goodies that we split up :D sooo fun and awesome--i'm so lucky to have met/ talked with her. (and WHY did i not get a picture with her? grrr...)
  • saw my friend's baby AGAIN (he's so cute!) and took her daughters to the library. we checked out some Bill Peet books that my sister Cecelia featured a while back on her blog, and also some Fancy Nancy books... can't go wrong with those, can you?
  • had chile relleno casserole (oh how i LOVE that dish... will have to steal and make the recipe myself) YUM
  • went to ANOTHER party that night... ate TONS of fruit, enjoyed friends and fellowship--stayed late.
  • slept through my alarm on Sunday, so went to 2nd Easter service and listened to a great sermon. thanks Pastor!
  • after church went to ANOTHER party at a family friends... they have 10 kids and are just so real and down to earth--can't even imagine :D
  • took a nap at said friends house
  • went home
  • finished one decoration for the wall
  • watched a new suspense movie
  • went to bed
  • SLEPT UNTIL 12pm!!!!
so you see, i've been busy. but it's been amazing. this week will be full of nothingness/ hanging out/ doing whatever. it will be my 1st spring break not at my parents house, so i'll be able to do WHATEVER and sleep till WHENEVER. (maybe you've wondered what teachers do during their breaks... same things the kids do.) i'm planning on seeing the movie "Date Night" featuring Steve Carrell and Tina Fey with my friend Paulina this weekend, but i think i'll be making some time for a few movies that i've wanted to see too... $2 movie theater, here i come!

anyway, my cards were super fun to make, and i made them within a batch of cards... flowers, MM little blue flower, carolyn gavin epoxy sticker, bigger Prima flowers, MM/ DCWV/ WRMK paper, PTI sentiment, and some cricut cuts. ah, some bling there too :D

anyway, i think tonight's dinner is going to be Costco style... so cheap yet yummy :D

thanks for stopping by, and have a lovely Monday!


~amy~ said...

Oh sista...I was thinking the same thing...forgot the camera {slappin' my forehead!}....thank YOU for doing all the legwork for the sassy goodies:) After meeting up with you I went home and powernapped:) You have been super your fun, fun card....p.s. where in the heck is the $2 theater??!!!!

Jenny said...

Thats a busy list!! :) Cute creation! Love it! :)