Friday, April 23, 2010

my future's so bright

i made another baby card... for the same baby :D haha, i couldn't help myself, and i wanted some practice doing more 'masculine' cards, and since i had the perfect opportunity with a friend giving birth to a boy, i thought i'd break out some more of the Cosmo Cricket Boyfriend line. i really had a good time making this card simple and as 'guy-ish' as i could.

i stamped out the baby boy's name, and it looked super sweet cute... his name totally fits him even though i can't show you what it is.

lately i've been finding that because my schedule and lack of internet at home, i've been making cards with no real 'purpose' in mind, like a sketch challenge, and so forth... instead, i create just to make some cards and have them on hand. like recently i made some thank you cards that used similar papers and i just did some mass producing with the same design. it's just a good day when i make something that i like. i love it when i get to sit down and just create, don't you?

this weekend (in fact, right now, as this is a pre-scheduled post) i'll be at a scrapbook retreat in Seattle--i get to stay at a super sweet hotel, sleep in or wake up whenever, and have all my meals made for me! sounds like a dream come true.

i think that what mosts excites me about this weekend is the fact that i KNOW it will be productive. basically i can't wait to get some quality scrapbooking done. i know i'll have brought too many supplies, but i find that things work better when you have more rather than less :D last time i went on a scrap retreat i made 30+ LO's. haha, yes, i actually DID make them even though i only ended up posting one of them for your viewing pleasure.

maybe this time you'll get to see a few more.

anyway, thanks for looking, and keep stopping by for some more--your comments are ALWAYS appreciated :D


~amy~ said...

Ooohhh....sounds like a super productive your masculine card..cosmo cricket rocks:)

..::Paulina::.. said...

I hope you have loads of fun this weekend!

Super cute card! Now I'm curious as to who this is for! :)

Lisa Petrella said...

Have FUN scrapbooking your heart out this weekend!!!! Sounds like a great time!

And this is a great boy card! Nice work!

celi.a said...

Oh wow, I LOVE this card! It's so hipster and yet happy-cheerful...which is the perfect combination. YAY!