Saturday, May 9, 2009

i'm a maverick

my family has copied me. which means, i'm the trailblazer. the start-em-up. the maverick.

what prompts these claims, you might ask?

after seeing my cute blog and the fun of communicating via internet, my sister started a blog you can find here:

AND, as if that wasn't proof enough, my dad has a blog now. you can find it here:

both are equally interesting in their own right, but i'd like to point out that *I* was the one to start this whole business (which i really owe to Paulina, who prompted me to get my cards online so she could see.)

so. here i am tonight without any cards, and a little bit of bragging, checking out heraldry items online because i'll be designing shields for my church's VBA (Vacation Bible Adventure) decorations. so check out some of the neat-O designs that i found:

from a Maxwell Society page

from a Blog Spoon graphics site

and then some more from a Montesol site

i think that i'll borrow some of these ideas and then tweak them (read = make them simpler) for the shield decorations. 'twill be fun.

i'll post some sweet cards later. XOXOX


celi.a said...

yes, yes, you are the innovator. all hail ginny.

do you have two birthday cards i could use? that you could spare forever? it's for a good cause. let me know.

love you!

..::Paulina::.. said...

I'm glad that you gave credit where credit is due. :) I know that you and Cecelia enjoy blogging, and I think your dad will too! I will laugh so hard if he gets more followers than us....