Wednesday, May 13, 2009

2sketches4you, Kazan's #26

i loved Kazan's sketch this week, as well as the new Design Team's work. you totally need to check it out if you haven't already!

this sketch gave me a chance to use some scraps, try a new technique, and also to put one of my pretty butterflies to use!

so for this card, i borrowed the leftovers of the polka-dot ribbon from this set of cards. there was just enough to make this cute little bow :D

then, i had seen Kristina Werner's technique of masking an area, and then stamping around it. well, i didn't have any vinyl decals or anything like that, but i did recently get a Cricut, and in trying out some new things, had some extra flower outlines and shapes. so i took the border i cut with Cricut and placed some of the flowers in random order over the top. then i used an ink pad (yellow, to coordinate with my patterned paper) to go over the images... just dabbing it lightly all over until i had the color i wanted. anyway, the result was pretty sweet, no? (and i can totally see myself doing this as an easy complement for other projects that need something "special.")

and after all that, i was looking for some embellies for the flower, and didn't just want to use buttons. well, the other day at Michael's, i picked up a pack of butterfly picks (i think you add them to floral arrangements, etc) and thought that the yellow one would go perfectly in the center here. so i tried it, and YES! it looks good :D i love how the butterfly is pre-colored and glittered so it takes so much prep time out of making a card like this.

all in all, very pleased with my card. i think i'll be trying some new things pretty soon, especially with the upcoming stamp show that i'll be going to with my friend Paulina. she's actually working at it with her family, who owns DeNami Design, but i know that when i get there, all the concentration will go down hill :) i can't wait to see the FORTY-FIVE vendors that are scheduled to be at this event... it will be slightly overwhelming, i think. i'll have to set a budget limit before i leave the house, or who knows?!

also, in other exciting news: my brother Peter is graduating from college this weekend! my whole family has been praying frenetically about whether or not he'll graduate because he needed two B's or better in his history classes, but that had been a struggle for him. PRAISE THE LORD that he passed his finals (with flying colors) and got the grades he needed. i'm so proud of you Pete! my mom'll be at the ceremony, along with my 2nd youngest brother Lincoln, and my older sister, Cecelia. should be a great celebration. i'll post some pictures of that when they get home... and maybe i'll tell you about how i was commencement speaker at college :D

OH! and it's Joey's birthday this saturday... he'll be 19 years old! i can't believe it. he's grown up and matured so much lately. everything goes by so fast nowadays. it seems like i gauge a lot of what happens/ happened in my life by how old Joey is/ was. like when we got our dog, Cookie, Joey was just turning 8. we went to Disneyland around the time Joey was 6... it all goes by the baby, i guess :D

well, i think that's about it for now. i'm going to say goodbye to my mom before she flies off to PA to congratulate my brother (and i'll have to send a card with her for him... better get to making it!). hope you enjoyed looking, and if you read this far... thanks for sticking it out :D

(oh, and if you haven't checked out my Dad's blog on gardening, or Cecelia's on everyday life, then you need to check it out, or just look at the previous post here. my family is so funny. i'm including myself, OF COURSE!)


Kazan Clark said...

ooooh this is a stunner Ginny. The color and boldness of the card are all fantastic. Great job!

Papertrails by a paper lover said...

what a beauty! Thanks for sharing how you made it.

celi.a said...

that card is absolutely freaking awesome! you get better and better every time you make something, i swear.

i really love a black and yellow combination, and this one is stylish, cute and ultra-creative all together. good work!

~Lori (loree2000 SCS) said...

Very lovely! I love the brilliant colors and big prima!! TFP! ~lori

Angela said...

Wow love that ribbon, and the colors are so delightful....

**Nancy** said...

Amazing card!!! Love the yellow!

scrapaddict said...

Absolutely lovely card!

cheryln said...

gorgeous card! love the colors and that ribbon!

Heidi Van Laar said...

Such a beautiful card! I love the masking technique you used, It turned out fabulously!

(-: Heidi

Really Old Guy said...

The color combinations are fresh and fantastic. Love it!