Friday, May 1, 2009

2sketches4you, kazan's #25

kazan's sketch #25 over at 2sketches4you was the perfect starting point for me this week. when i saw the sketch on monday, i was like: i don't have any stars! what do i do? but then i recalled how i was going to get the most fabulous bday present from my family--a Cricut Expression!! can you say WOW?! :D i knew about a month ago that i'd receive the awesome gift, and the anticipation was just about killing me since today was my bday, tonight was my night for creating a card for kazan's sketch. i already am in love with the Cricut--it's addicting, don't you think?

well, here's my card, in fun colors (of course!) and i just have to say, that i feel so blessed by absolutely EVERYONE in my life--family, friends--God is good!

i was surprised by a friend (Tabi, mentioned here) with a ridiculous display of affection [i think] in the form of 10 helium balloons, a bouquet of daisies, about 15 boxes of candy, a 2 L bottle of rootbeer, a HUGE card, and a box of pizza!

(you can see the cricut all wrapped up and the balloons from Tabi to the left)

all in front of my 6th period class of course. so i shared some candy with the kids, and took some pizza to my fellow teachers :D AWESOME PRESENT, TABI! <3

my grandmother, Nana, also had flowers delivered to my school, and the bouquet was gorgeous :) i can't believe how spoiled i am--now my house if full of color.

and my sister, Cecelia, totally outdid herself. not only did she shop AHEAD for my bday (scrapbook supplies), but she also bought be a subscription to Creating Keepsakes! she knew i'd asked for one via this blog post ...chalk a point up for the blog-o. *yikes* i'm so excited to get that subscription ...seriously i was smiling for ages after i heard the news. then Cecelia also made me tear up--she dedicated a post on her blog to me--if you wanna know a teeny bit (well, more than that) about me, then check it out HERE.

my brother Joey is so thoughtgful (i've said it before, i'll say it again) and he custom made me a sheet metal lunch box--i'll be taking pictures soon, because honestly, my description wouldn't do it justice. such an amazing piece of work, Joey!

aside from all that, i can't forget to mention all the lovely friends wishing me a felicitous day (even "Mark" called me!) ...and how could i not enjoy myself with such joyful encouragings? :) even the weather was divine... 75 and not a cloud. you can't beat that combined with a fabulous dinner at a fancy italian restaurant :D

now i am all psyched about spending a night crafting with Paulina and Helene (maybe Shawna) tomorrow... YAY, can't wait. seriously, this weekend has been amazing already.

thanks so much for stopping by and for your lovely comments. take care! :D


Dora said...

A lovely card!! Beautiful!

Kazan Clark said...

Happy Birthday to you - Happy Birthday to you from all of us at 2S4Y - Happy Birthday to you! Does not really rhyme I know but I hope you had a fab day anyway AND your card is super fun and bright too.