Friday, May 1, 2009

happy birthday to me!

WOOHOO! it's my birthday :)

it's birthday time, and i figured i'd share some of my latest birthday cards (in a simpler mode of card-making). i made a batch of these birthday cards using identical supplies and design idea a while back...

i used:
*buttons from my stash
*patterned paper from me & my big ideas
*chocolate fresh ink from impress
*happy birthday from jo-ann's (company... no clue)
*corner rounder punch

these are fun and easy cards to make... measure and slice, stick and tie. it's a cinch. these are easy to make, but often the simpler, the better. i think these could even work for some "man cards"if need be. i may be donating some cards to a neighborhood pool auction coming up, and who knows? maybe these will be included...

anyway, i'm so excited for my birthday today! i just know i'll be getting questions at school from my 8th graders who have no concept of age, "How old are you? 40? 32?" i keep telling them, "Thank you for thinking I'm so young. I have really young skin. You're so sweet for saying I'm only 32..." :D they honestly don't have a clue. i'm a perfect age, and God has blessed me mightily with every day up to this point (thank you Lord)! i am so blessed with so many things:
  • generous and loving family (even loving enough to tell me the truth and correct me when it hurts)
  • many talents (scrapping, teaching, storytelling... and did you know i threw shot put and won state in hs?)
  • a job (that i take for granted and complain about too often--forgive me)
  • FRIENDS! (you know who you are: Cecelia [double duty: family + friend], Paulina, Tabi, Helene, Maryke, Sara, Rochelle, Shawna, the list goes on and on...)
  • a cute car :D
  • a summer of serving (looking forward to 3 VBA's, 3 weeks of teaching, and a missions trip to Ecuador!)
  • a great education--thanks GCC
  • so much more... there's too much to post in one shot... i'll keep adding, don't worry. i'm also thankful for YOU (my blog reader) and your COMMENTS. they really encourage me and lift my spirits :D you bless me.
may you be blessed on your birthday and throughout the year, as i feel i am. thanks for stopping by! :) XOXO


..::Paulina::.. said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a fabulous day....looks like it's going to be gorgeous weather for you!

celi.a said...

Happy Birthday!!! (and thanks for the mention)

those are really cute birthday cards. i feel like you could sell variety packs of 4 or 6 of those...