Friday, May 8, 2009

2sketches4you, Laura's #25 "baby boy"

i love weekends, 2sketches4you, Cecelia's *hilarious* blog posts (and being her sister), having a job next year, and birthday parties!

i got this new whale punch from Martha Stewart, and i thought it was perfect for a little baby boy card. i also got a Cricut for my bday (May 1st!) and i used the Accents cart that comes with the machine to cut out the shape. i kept the whole card simple and elegant. i love the little whale... he adds the right amount of color!

as i mentioned before, i love my sister. she is utterly hilarious and maddening at the same time (aren't all sisters like that?) and she's got a blog... probably trying to copy me. anyway, she's hilarious, and even if you don't know her, i'd bet you'd love to read a little about her life because she's just. so. funny.

and in GREAT news: i am not jobless next school year. i had previously gotten a RIF notice (reduction in force. read = laid off) because of district budget cuts, but i got my call back letter (read = we cut too many teachers and desperately want and need you back, pretty please don't say no) today. so phew. and God is GREAT. He is so good to me. thanks for all the prayers. you know who you are.

plus, i love bday's. and parties for bday's. i'm going with my brother Joey to enjoy some Olive Garden and some bowling (i suck at it) tonight. well, really, right after i get off the computer. yay, i love birthdays. and p.s. happy birthday Helene! i had a lot of fun going out last night to enjoy a birthday dinner with school friends. girl time is so essential, yes?

okay, so Joey and i need to get going, but thanks for stopping by and checking things out!


Amy said...

Cute card!! I think that the whale punch is perfect for a baby boy.

Happy b-lated Birthday!! The Cricut is an awesome machine and I am always finding out new and different things I can do with mine.

Congrats on the job news!! I am off to check out your sister's blog.

Laura Davis said...

Happy Belated Birthday Ginny! You will LOVE your Cricut:) Your card is darling, thanks for playing at 2S4Y!

cheryln said...

your card is adorable! happy belated b-day!