Monday, May 4, 2009

flower card & world's fastest post

i'm not feeling too well today, but i have a backlog of cards to post--so here's a card i made maybe a week ago... i had it prepped with the base and patterned paper even earlier than that... like a month ago, but never had the time (or the excitement) to finish it up.

turned out okay--i like the colors cause they're bright. hope your day is great and that you hear some encouraging words :D


celi.a said...

favorite thing: blue trim/pom-pom things. wish it went all the way across. (though i admittedly don't know anything about the mechanics of attaching it to the base)

you could experiment with different letters for the sentiment, too. say, 'hello' or 'hola' or something.

it's cute!

Heidi Van Laar said...

This is darling! I love the bit of bling you added!

Sorry you are not feeling well, I am right there with ya though! Feel better soon!

Katie said...

Hey Ginny! Thanks for stopping by my blog today :) We have a LOT in common!! Obviously we both love card making (you are very talented), we both love the Lord, I just had my Birthday (day before you, I think), we both got a cricut for our B-day...yay us ;) and my hubby's Grandma lives in Federal Way! How cool is that?

Happy card making...cant wait to see some cricut cards!!