Thursday, July 9, 2009

pretty in pink!

okay, so to balance my earlier post of my zombie card HERE, i am posting a recent project of the pink dimension, having nothing to do with zombies. (although i know it was quite a hit, i'm not sure i'm ready to alter all of my DoodleFactory stamp creatures so they have fangs and bloodshot eyes... hehe, that'd be interesting.)

i used two different colors of tulle--bright pink + white, my color scheme of choice in this project. i just cut two strips and gathered them in the knot before i tied the ribbon.
see those sweet little letters? it's from the Simply Sweet font cartridge for my Cricut Expression! w00t! i LOVE this cartridge because the lettering is so simple and perfect, and just darn CUTE :D
because this is a "notebook," i needed a closure option to keep the pages from flopping around if i needed to carry this baby someplace. i used a sweet pink checked brad and some pink twine fastened to the back of the scalloped cover as my "secure closure." goes well, doesn't it?

and final photo of my project! i filled the notebook with computer paper cut to fit, and stapled them into the cover carefully :D i added some bling to the letters, and a SUPER sweet button from my friend Paulina (who, by the way, has a birthday on Monday!) oh, and don't you love that dotted paper and ribbon? it's fabulously pink and perfect!
thanks for looking, and if you haven't already seen the zombie sensation, check it out! have a wonderful friday!


celi.a said...

this is a seriously gorgeous project. you could use it for bridal shower notes (who brought what), or as a glam little notebook for whenever.
the button closure is adorable.

i'm loving the pink! great work!

Leah the Orange said...

fabulous little book! may try to do something similar to send as a birthday gift for a friend! :) lovely, and thank you for the inspiration!


Heidi Van Laar said...

Adorable! I love the frou frou!

(-: Heidi