Friday, July 3, 2009

bday card (well, really, mini-book) continued...

whew! well, here's the remainder of the bday card from THIS POST. i didn't include any close-up pictures of all the little embellishments, but i might do that later. i didn't want to overwhelm you ...hehe. kinda hard *NOT* to, though, with the enormity of this card. i LOVE how it turned out, and i'm super proud of myself for actually getting so many colors into it, but still with a similar "look."

i just kept on adding jewels, flowers, and buttons :D
gotta love that little scuba mask button in the middle of the flower. it was the perfect color and i couldn't resist!
i painted the front/ back of the card (acrylic pages from a 4x4 mini album) with some white acrylic paint, just to give some background.
the cute owl stickers are from a "Berry Sweet" sticker pack from K&Co. same company for the felt flowers, and below, the glittered flower on the pull-out.

so much bling, but doesn't it look fabulous?

look at how fat this card ended up? i LOVE the ribbons on the rings...

i entered this card in the 365 cards challenge and also for the 2sketches4you challenge from Laura (sketch #29). thanks for checking this out! let me know what you think!

1 comment:

celi.a said...

What I think??? What I THINK? I think you are crazy in a good way. And uber-talented and creative.

And that this card is above and beyond rocking my socks off. Although I have some problems calling it a card. It's an experience. But yeah.

+300 million points.