Friday, July 10, 2009

Freebie Friday! (FINALLY!)

hip hip hooray! it's Friday! and it's a FREEBIE Friday no less! (thus titled for the reasons below...)

as of late i've been slowly getting items together for some
blog candy, and i'm super excited with what i have--i think you'll love it! as it is, i'm almost ready to post that blog entry, but i thought it would be fun to do some *pre-blog candy* to tease you :D

this is actually in honor of my sister, Cecelia, who inspires/ encourages me to no end... she asked me this week to make her a
CUSTOM CARD for means nefarious, and of course, being a good sister, i obliged, and i think it's safe to say that she LOVED the results...

soo, i thought,
"if my sister has specific card needs, then i'm betting all of YOU have some specific occasions you'd like something to give that was just a little bit specialer than normal." am i right?

sooooooooo here's the deal--i'm offering up a
CUSTOM CRAFTED CARD based upon a theme, character, person, or occasion of YOUR choosing. that means you don't do the work, but still have something amazing to give away (or heck, you could keep it for yourself... *I* would!)

all you have to do to win this
*pre blog candy prize* is...
  • leave a comment at the end of this post answering this question: "What kind of card would you like me to make for you, and why?" (only one entry per person, please!)
  • leave me a way to contact you (email/ blog address/ something) BEFORE next Friday, July 17th, 2009 @ Midnight PST
i'll pick a winner by Random Number Generator and announce it here on the blog on Saturday, July 18th & contact our winner :D i'd love it if you spread the word to your friends and let them know they could get a CUSTOM CRAFTED CARD made by moi! (note: anyone is welcome to enter--international shipping is cool :D) so have some fun with this, and get thinking! if you're stumped as to the answer to the above question, you can always check out some of my previous posts--sometimes looking at what someones already created gives you a better idea of what you'd like.

thanks for looking, and have a fabulous
FREEBIE Friday! :D


celi.a said...

I would like you to make a birthday card for my college roommate. She's sweet, a cross between girly and practical, and has a great sense of humor. She has a classic style and a card for her would probably incorporate the baby blue color.

Thanks for holding this giveaway!


celi.a said...

eeek! I forgot to say 'why.' Why do I want you to make the card? Because my college roommate is a super-wonderful person, and she deserves beautiful things in her life. I want her to know she's loved and appreciated.

Heidi Van Laar said...

How sweet Ginny! If you were going to make a custom card for me I would like it to be to me! As for what kind I would leave that up to you...everything you make is wonderful!

Aik said...

I'd like you to make a birthday card for my friend Rachel. She likes anything simple and beautiful. Thanks!

aikychien at yahoo dot com

vvb32 reads said...

i'd like a zombie themed card to be able to giveaway for September Zombies week on my site. thanks.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Let's see...I guess I'd love to have a kooky and wacky birthday card for a friend of mine. She's not all that always saying "that's what she said" and is just insane. She needs a special card for her birthday. LOL

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

Laura's Reviews said...

I would love a birthday card for my Mom - something unique that says I care!

My email address is laarlt78 at


kalea_kane said... son would probably be kind of rolling his eyes and what not, but when I think of getting a perfectly made card for some special occasion, I think of my son Alexander. This year he is starting high school. It is a big time for him, and a scary time for me. I am so happy for him because he is one step closer to the real "rest of his life" but I am tweaking out! I would love if you made one of your special one-of-a-kind cards just for Alexander's first day of high school.
Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.



jennifermorrill said...'s a toss-up. I have a daughter with a birthday coming up who LOVES handcrafted and beautiful things AND a quirky friend who is getting married soon and I would LOVE to give her something unique. the design of your site. Mine is boring!


celi.a said...

I've nominated you for a blog award. Go check it out at: Great blogging!

rubymoon said...

I love handmade cards so would request one made about cats and one that would be very funny. We have 6 indoor cats each w/ a different personality and quirks to match. And one outdoor cat who refuses to be loved and would prefer a small shopping cart and bedroll (as in transient).

espressogurl at hotmail dot com

Bonnie said...

I love creative handmade cards! I would like a card for my son's upcoming 11th birthday and he loves coins (collector) and old books so anything with a vintage look would be awesome! He would love a special and unique card created just for him. Thanks!!


Care said...

gosh, all this sister-gushing makes me wish I had a sister. So... if I were to win a custom card, I would request one that has an alphabet theme because I have an awesome adorable friend who lives thousands of miles away and we have a letter exchange with an alphabet theme. (She owes me a "Q"-letter letter and then I have to send her a "R" letter in response, etc.) Thanks!
bkclubcare [at] gmail [dot] com

bookjourney said...

What a great giveaway! I would love a card for my bookie club Queen winner. Tomorrow evening is our annual Queen event where we all dress up and eat great food while trying to be Queen of the book club for the next year (this just means that they break all ties on book nominations and choose where to meet)... and oh yes there will be pictures on my blog!

It I won the card would be a congratulations to the Queen of The Bookies! :)

Midnight Cowgirl said...

I would love an "It's OK to be Single" card to give to my awesome best friend who is feeling down because she is single and her little sister is getting married. Unfortunately, this is not the kind of card Hallmark makes :)
butterflythunder AT sbcglobal Dot net

Megan said...

I would like you to make a card that expresses what you think my personality is.

Rabid Fox said...

"What kind of card would you like me to make for you, and why?"

I think I would like a book themed card--likely Stephen King's "Dark Tower" series or maybe a "Frankenstein" theme.

Yeah ... Frankenstein. :)

e-mail: rabidfox(at)

Renee said...

I'd like a card for my mummy! It's her b-day soon and she LOVES kittens (ours just ran away :-( She likes peaches too...yeah I know it would probably be a weird combo but it's what she loves best...besides me LOL! Thanks for the chance! I'll bet your cards are soooo cool!

Neas Nuttiness said...

I would like a silly card for my husband - thanking him for letting me spend my days online, entering lots and lots of contests!



Rachel said...

This is so nice of you! I love hand made things =) I am torn I love Vampires and I love Zombies... hmmm. Either one I guess It would be so awesome if it was for Halloween so I could send it to my family (Im in college and miss them =( ) Thanks for an awesome giveaway


logankstewart said...

I would like a card to give to my wife that lets her know how much I love her. Sure, I could make it myself, but not at the same quality you possess.

Valorie said...

I would like a 'thinking about you and love you' card for my mother because I miss her a lot.