Monday, January 5, 2009


i just went shopping...

not like, "oh, running errands...," but more like: "this is therapy shopping." maybe the first day back to school was more stressful than i'm letting on, but i DID enjoy my errands after school. i went to Michael's for the 1st time in FOREVER because some sweetie from school gave me a $20 gift card to use there. (i am sleuthing around for the giver--i don't even recognize the handwriting, and they didn't say who it was from!) of course since i haven't been going to that store for scrapbook supplies (just Jo-Ann's, i get 15% off for being a teacher), i went slightly overboard. i hope to make a LOT of layouts and cards in the near future to use up the plethora of supplies i purchased. i must add that they ARE very delicious supplies :)

anyway, i also went to our neighborhood Family Christian Stores and bought myself a Christmas present i wanted but didn't receive..."The Complete Bible Experience" cd's... 79 total! i got it on major discount (can we say 1/2 off?!) and was super pleased. i've been wanting my own audio Bible for a long time--it's a good way to fill my 45 minute commute to and from school every day.

i also got a couple of huge scrap packs: 3 lbs for about $6 at Wal-Mart; i'll be able to punch out lots of scalloped circles and borders with the huge variety of color in that pack.

all in all, i think i've spend WAY too much $$, but had a GREAT time doing so. oh, and i must confess, i went shopping YESTERDAY as well, with my sister and mom... we got ourselves in trouble ;) i saw the cutest bag at church--my friends sister had gotten a Vera Bradley bag for 40% off... and so of course i did some investigating and found the most amazing additions to my collection--in some of my all time favorite colors :) i bought a zip-around wallet, a medium-small purse, and a lunchbag. i know some of it was frivolous, but i'll be super coordinated, and hey! you have to get these things while they last!


(i know you're thinking... what was she thinking? or: she's a TEACHER! and you're right, whatever you're thinking... i AM crazy. oh well.) i got a leather jacket. champagne/ metallic color, asymmetrical zipper, mandarin collar, and it's amazing. i love it. can't wait to wear it. i'm planning outfits like MAD in my head.

so yeah. i think confession time is over... so much for frugality this january *sigh* hope you're well and getting adjusted back to your normal schedule (as i'm trying to do with most of my siblings now back at school) happy monday!:)

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..::Paulina::.. said...

Your Vera Bradley bags are such YUMMY colors! I'm glad you were able to find some great items! So, it's sounds like you got TONS of scrapbook stuff- when are you coming over?!? We'll blast some music, eat some snacks, play with the Cricket and makes lots of great projects. Oh, I can't wait until we set a date!