Wednesday, January 14, 2009

many many mini cards

so i've been very busy this week, even though it may not seem like it. i have been making a TON of mini cards to give to family, friends, and co-workers for Valentine's Day. they're quickie cards, but they still require assembly, so it's sometimes slower going than i expect. overall, though, i'm quite pleased with the effect. i know that many of the cards i make are simple, because as my mom reminds me, "not everyone is going to cherish your cards like you do... they may keep it on a dresser for a while, and then just throw it out!" i keep telling myself that when i get to urge to get really fancy. i love making beautiful cards, don't get me wrong--i just have to be careful who i give my really beautiful cards to so that i make sure it's someone who will appreciate them.

i'll be posting some other cards later that i made with Paulina the other day--we had a blast stamping for 7+ hrs as we watched movies, listened to music, and had some good food. her whole family spoils me rotten :) no complaints here, though. i really love the stamps i got to use (and GLITTER that i rarely get out because of the messy i always seem to make), so you'll have to check back to sneak a peek of some more Valentine's i made.

anyway, i hope you enjoy, and aren't cramming too many LOVEly cards for Valentine's until the last minute ;)

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