Saturday, January 10, 2009

color inspiration #37 by kristina werner

going back to school this week to teach went better than i expected, but my body is still adjusting to eating lunch at 10:30am, getting up 4 hours earlier than i did over break, and of course, trying to get to bed on time...
well, this being the case, i slept in LATE this morning--i woke up after 10am. but the good news is that i'm refreshed, and i'm done with my thank you cards (except for a few that need the actual "thank you" note that goes inside)!
i had already mass produced some cards for relatives, but my grandmother, Nana, came out to Seattle for the holidays, so i decided to make her a very special "thank you" card. plus, she had already seen the previous ones. i went to Kristina Werner's blog that you can find here, and i made my card using this color inspiration challenge:

i'm pretty sure Nana will like it--she'll practically just love the fact that i'm writing her a handwritten note.

anyway, i'm quite proud of myself for entering more than one challenge in the same week! if i find more time later on in the school year, i'll be sure to stop by and give my take on the wonderful color inspirations. make sure to check out other inspired layouts and cards!
happy saturday :)


Mary said...

I love the first card! The ribbon is so perfect!

Dawn said...

Absolutely gorgeous - love that wide ribbon and the embossed swirls!

Leah said...

Fantastic card, love the flower on the ribbon. Well done.

saris pysselblogg said...

lovely cards - both of them!!!!

Courtney Baker said...

wow the lace and ribbon are stunning. This is fabulously vintage! Love it!