Sunday, December 7, 2008

taking a break...

i'm in the middle of decorating our Christmas tree... and i've been doing chores/ cleaning all day--so i'm taking a break by blogging. and blog hopping. and maybe doing what Paulina did and posting a Christmas list?

yeah, so i still have more layouts from brazil that i haven't shared... but i'm working on it. like, right now. i used some patterned cardstock (painted/ distressed wood paneling) and some borders from a travel page... i like the colors. the photos are from rio de janeiro, in the cathedral in the centro. very cool place.
here are some little pictures of SWEET layout (not just cause of the hot chocolate and desserts we had, but because it's fun)

this is a detail of the pocket on the left hand page--it's a napkin i saved from the confeteria in the centro... i used brads to secure the sides, and i made a pull-out detailing my desserts (and Cecelia's too...)

i know that in general, these pictures suck. but i think almost every card and layout would look better in person. or maybe that's just me. maybe i need to put a scanner on my wishlist? (hah, not like i'd get one.)
Merry Christmas and happy decorating!

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