Sunday, December 14, 2008

i hate my left ear.

i have an ear infection in my left ear.

it's been off-and-on for the last week and a half, but i've only completely lost hearing last Friday, and yesterday morning. it's pretty awful--i can't hear, it's painful, and it's swollen.

but! it snowed last night... some really beautiful landscapes here at home. just seeing evergreens with snow on the branches makes me want to run around and dance for joy. snow makes me almost want to cry because it's so pretty :-)

our backyard pond is freezing, so there's a GREAT likelihood that we won't have school tomorrow. i'm so excited. actually, when my family tried to go to church this morning, we got out of our neighborhood okay, but then on the main roads it was SUPER icy. :-) i will be utterly content if we don't have school until Thursday.

i'll get to catch up on cards, Christmas gift wrapping, making cookies, decorating the house, planning my party, and basically having an extended Christmas break. oh, the joy at just the THOUGHT!

in other interesting news, i'm helping out with a function at church called "Parent's Day Out" where members leave their younger kids to the care of youth/ adults for a day of fun, games, stories, skits, and gingerbread houses while they get holiday business done. i get to be on the skit team, and i am PROUD to say that my role is called "Bossy" Angel :-)

haha, anyway, i'm excited for so many reasons today. the only damper on everything is the fact that i need to keep on correcting research papers to return to my kids. i did about 13 this morning, but have 30 more? ugh.

well, i'll be sure to post something else later...



..::Paulina::.. said...

You MUST not wish or think that snow will last until Thursday. I have so many things at work that need to get done before Christmas, I can't afford this snow! Plus, if this continues, there will be no parents day out. AHHH! Okay, I'm pretty much just frustrated with this snow and that inability to go places because of it! :p

Ginny said...

haha. you make me laugh. i know our priorities are different... i love it when i don't have school/ work, and it stresses you out.

we had 2 hrs. late this morning, but i didn't stay at school because of my ear.