Friday, December 5, 2008

school + scrapbooking = pink layout?

so here's one of my scrapbook layouts--it's still without a title, but i made it because i haven't made any school related layouts. not that this one looks like it has anything to do with school, but still...
the story behind it is that i won some baskin robbins gift certificates at some staff meetings at spanaway jr. high... so to commemorate that, i saved my ticket, the baskin robbins envelope, the staff meeting agenda and worked it into a school layout (sans title).
so, not a bad start, but i'll have to post more layouts (of brazil, of other stuff, etc). speaking of school... i'm taking the day off! (yay mental health days!) the kids have been crazy, and i've been going crazy, so it's a good thing. i'll probably clean my room before i do anything important. anyway, check back for more layouts! (soon, i hope?)

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