Wednesday, December 24, 2008

it's Christmastime!

wow, been a while since i've posted. i made a couple of cards a few days ago, and they were based on a 2S4U sketch--i think i'm giving them to relatives for Christmas, but i truthfully haven't decided.

we've had QUITE an interesting week here in Washington--it's been snowing almost every day for the last week and a half, which has now accumulated to about 8 inches where i live. really amazing. i got to enjoy the snow a couple of different times--walking with the family, NIGHT sledding down a hill in our neighborhood nick-named "Killer Hill," and then sledding two more times (once on a saucer--oh boy). as a result of the snow, i've been semi-stuck at home because the only way out of our neighborhood is UP one of three hills. so my family hasn't made it to church, shopping, a performance of "Scrooge, The Musical" or just about anything else. BUT! the good news is we had a party here at the house on Monday, and we thought that the weather would prevent most people from attending. fortunately, though, we had about 45-50 out of the 80+ invitees show up! it was a lot of fun, and everyone enjoyed themselves. some dear friends couldn't come, but i've decided to host something that they can DEFINITELY come to (*hint, hint* Paulina).

i seriously CANNOT wait until tomorrow... i LOVE Christmas, and having all my siblings home, and the family together is amazing. plus, i'm super excited about the presents i got/ made for family this year! i took some pictures of the wrapping that i did too. (but they may not load until later) i found some AMAZING ribbon from Costco, of all places, to make beautiful bows with--one is double-sided black and pink, and the other is red and black with velvet fleur-de-lis (i tried to get more all-occasion ribbon i could use for more than Christmas). having 6 other family members gives me ample opportunity to showcase my wrapping expertise... Peter said "Gin, you look like you got a professional to wrap your presents..." and i told him, "I did!" :) i love giving gifts, like i said.

well, i truly hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas!

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