Friday, December 12, 2008

it's snowing!

i'm so excited about the snow here in Western Washington... you can tell that we don't get much for three reasons:

a) people don't know how to drive in the snow
b) school gets cancelled for ANY accumulation
c) everyone buys a sled/ tries to go sledding in about 1 inch of snow :-)

but yeah, tonight i got back from Bible study a little earlier than normal because we were shooed away in the name of safety... but it snows more in maple valley than at home, so leaving the beautiful snow-covered trees was actually a little sad, despite the cautious driving i had to do.

anyway, i made several cards tonight (3 1/2... the last one isn't quite done). i used the sketch from 2 sketches 4 you as the foundation. i didn't feel like making a Christmas card, not that i've made any, just that i wanted to do something bright and different. so i made a couple of different sizes and tried out different embellishments... found out which cards i liked better, and which ones i'll make again (if i DO make the same kind of card again).

anyway, the evening has been very enjoyable so far... i may get working on other cards--who knows. peace to all, and...

Merry Christmas!


Kazan Clark said...

I love the look of snow too but so don't love driving in it :) Your cards are beautiful - love how bright they are. Thanks for playing

Tamaroo said...

I'm in Western Oregon and it is supposed to snow tonight! Same thing happens here!!! So funny! I grew up in Idaho and learned to drive in the snow and it always really bugs me when people drive crazy and they cancel school!

Hanneke said...

Beautiful cards you've made!

Katie said...

We have snow here in OR!! Yahoo :)

Love your mono-chromatic cards.....lovely!!


Heidi Van Laar said...

I'm in SW WA and we got about 5 inches today!
Love your cards! Sweet and simple!