Monday, October 1, 2012

monday manicure: crazy tribal prints

happy monday!

i hope you've had a fabulous weekend!  it's OCTOBER.  i seriously can't believe it.  this manicure is from the summertime (don't have enough mondays in the year to keep up with my changing nails... maybe i should make this feature more frequent?  thoughts?  keep it as is?  let me know!) but i still really like the idea.

i'm not sure my execution is the greatest, but i am really proud of how detailed i got.

WITHOUT any stamping.  no Konad plates used.  just a brush and my polish.  granted the brush was quite small compared to the brush the polish comes with... but hey!  cut me some slack!

i used all the colors shown in the first three blocks, plus a black from OPI and a Sally Hensen "Going Grape" color which is really fun :D  but then after i was done i thought, "what the heck" and added an Essie matte topcoat.

which i kinda like.

i think that if i did this manicure again maybe i wouldn't go so detailed (it's a lot to take in, right?) and i'd stick to a few colors, instead of five :D hehehe, well... live and learn, right?

tribal prints are super hot in fashion, and i found some inspiration from my "nails and face" Pinterest board for this one.  check them out!  i'd love to hear what you think :D

thanks for stopping by, xoxo

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