Tuesday, October 23, 2012

monday manicure: beige invasion (late)

can a girl catch a break?  last week i was stressing about entering grades into my gradebook and not being entirely unpacked at my apartment, and yesterday morning i was hugging the toilet to start my morning, and then pretty much stuck there all day (although i went to school to teach anyway).
ugh, i hate not being ready to go, but i'm learning to cut myself some slack when it comes to things like my blog, or my apartment, or even work.  you see, i'm kind of a perfectionist.  i say kind of because i actually heard a new term recently that fits me a bit better... it's the adjective satisficer, and it means that i'm satisfied when i reach a good choice or sitaution, i'm not hung up on getting the BEST choice.
but it still means that i have to have reached a good choice or decision.  i stumbled across this word in my reading of "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin.  i've been glued to the book, mostly because almost all of it resonates with me in some way.  i have also discovered that i am a normally happy person, but i should take care to cultivate it, and stay that way.  by the way, i highly recommend this book to just about everyone--even though i won't follow all of the things Gretchen did, the book and ideas themselves have made me self-reflect in ways i've never done before.  it's awesome.
all of this to say, i'm giving myself a break for not posting this monday manicure on time yesterday.  i had the picture loaded and everything... quite a while ago actually.  the only thing(s) that stopped me were: 1) being SICK SICK SICK, and 2) my slow internet connection at my new apartment.
reason #2 might not be a big deal to most of you, but i'm seriously considering getting a new carrier because my internet isn't connecting well at ALL.  it's driving me insane.  waiting 5 minutes for a picture to load is NOT okay.  i've been lucky before in that i haven't had internet connectivity issues before, but now i seriously can't imagine living without some semblance of what i had before.  it's painful.
i'm actually posting this one from work.  (shhhh, don't tell!)
so, here's the manicure that i should have posted yesterday.  and the post that is eating at me for not having it posted on time (because gosh darnit, it's supposed to be a MONDAY manicure... ack!) :D but like i said, i'm working through stuff, and i'm NOT perfect.

this manicure really needed another coat (i only did one!), but for a one-coater, this isn't bad.  it's an Orly polish, and i just love the suble sparkle of the tan/ seude color.
so yes, that's all for now.  i have some other posts in the works that i'll hopefully get figured out shortly.  sorry for all that rambling above, especially if you're just here for the pictures... :D
thanks for stopping by, xoxo!


Cecelia said...

I could have told you that you were a naturally happy person. It's why you can keep me happy even though I'm naturally unhappy. Or... something. Dangit.

(feel better soon!)

Paulina said...

Ginny, I'm so sorry you're sick. :( That is NEVER fun! Hope you feel better SOON!

I love this beige color- it's so perfect for this season!