Thursday, October 11, 2012

best wishes

hi there!

it's thursday, but it's really my friday... we don't have school tomorrow, and i'm so thankful, because i'm moving!  yay!

for the past 4+ months i've been staying at my parents house because i didn't have a job and didn't want to sign another year lease (or pay another $100 for month-to-month) at my old apartment.  so, i moved back to a room in my parents house... not my idea of being independent, you know?

but now that i have a job, i went searching around my favorite city--and i found a steal of a place :D  it's older, appliances are pretty dated (mostly the stove), and the kitchen carpet is a funky 70's flower/ mustard/ rust pattern.  but it's perfect for me and i'm paying TONS TONS TONS less than my other place.  and it's more than i was even looking for truthfully.

i'm very excited to be going back to my old city... it seriously makes me beyond happy.  plus i'll be ridiculously close to my job, which means less gas, etc!

anyway, on to today's card.

the first few days of school were great for me, but i wasn't quite into a routine yet, so one night when i knew i needed to go to bed, i did.  but i couldn't sleep.  so instead of squandering that time being awake without doing anything, i hopped up and went to my craft desk and put together this little card.  just grabbed things off my desk, but as you can see, i've used some awesome CPT goodies (the fabric flag and the digital heart paper).

so that's about all i can stay for now--best wishes to you for your weekend and plans, it's really starting to feel like fall around here now!

thanks for stopping by, xoxo


Lisa said...

Congrats on your new place Ginny and yes when you can't sleep...craft!!! Fun late night creation here ;)

Marlena M. said...

I'm so happy things are moving on up for you! ;) Such a fun, playful card~time well spent Ginny!