Saturday, December 5, 2009

30 days + 50,000 words = NaNoWriMo

so i'm done.

i WON National Novel Writing Month by writing 50,000 words in the month of November. let me tell you, it wasn't easy... but like i explained to my students, "I'm really competitive--it'll get done."

you should have seen me do a happy dance when it was all over... such a big deal, and so glad it's done... now i know i won't know what to do with myself for a while.

i've actually been done for a while (aka Nov. 30th @ 8pm PST), but i think that i've been enjoying the extra time after work to do nothing rather than post to the blog... so, i'm sorry for that long absence. i'll be getting some new cards and other things up on the blog asap.

i am thinking of doing the December Daily scrapbook, and i've taken a few pictures here and there (actually, i think i've taken at least one picture a day, but i haven't done journaling or gotten the book together). the picture of me above is when i printed out my winner's certificate, and was quite happy about my accomplishment, and i think i'll be using that one as the Dec. 1st picture... now to journal about that happiness ;)

my mom and sister were so sweet too--my sister Cecelia was actually doing NaNoWriMo with me, but couldn't keep up because of some new job assignments, etc.

they brought me the prettiest bouquet of flowers TO SCHOOL on Tuesday during one of my classes... my kids were like, WOW! that's so cool! and they've been sitting on my desk smelling oh so good at school, and i just brought them home yesterday. seriously sweet of them.

anyway, like i said, i'll be back to post a card or two soon, and possibly some of the yummy things i picked up at a craft fair i got to go to--featuring my favorite crafty sisters, Paulina, Carolyn, and Krista. fun fun fun!

hope you enjoy your weekend!


Leah the Orange said...

WHOA, Ginny! CONGRATS! that's an amazing accomplishment! now go out and get yerself published, girl.

what's next?!

~amy~ said...

woot woot!!! Congrats on your humungous accomplishment Ginny!!! That's pretty spectacular and a good thing to show to your students..excellent!

I totally enjoyed the gift show on Friday...I really hated to have to go back to work. I had to really work hard to not buy anything for myself...but I had to get that adorable pink note pad from paulina:)

Amy said...

Congrats on your winning!! What a fabulous accomplishement!! Your flowers are so pretty.....I can practically smell them here. ;)

Amy ♥

Lynne in NI said...

Wow, Ginny, thats a LOT of words! Well done you!
And a big THANK YOU too ... Christmas came early to my house today when your goodies arrived! And what a lot of goodies there were! Can't wait to have a bit of a lull in Christmas preps to have a play.
Thanks again