Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas gifts

okay, so first off--if you've been following my blog, you know that it's been AGES since i posted last. secondly, you know that i haven't been really commenting on many of your LOVELY creations. that being said, i'll try to make up for it a little today, and just know that i'll do my darnedest to encourage you in your beautiful creations :D

i made Christmas gifts for my extended family this Christmas. it was actually based off of something that Dawn McVey had posted a while ago and that i had discovered and really liked. i started creating these things around Thanksgiving, but of course, i didn't get them finished until right before the packages needed to be sent.

i like to call them "framed art." the best part about these is that they can come in any shape, size, or color that you could ever want, and i've already had a request to make one for a wedding present in the wedding colors. how smart is that? i might have to be brave and start listing these on Etsy... what do you think?

okay, so on to the frames. sorry for the bad lighting (and the above frame still has protective plastic around the corners... ick!)--these were taken literally seconds before they were carefully cocooned in bubble wrap and tissue paper for shipment.
i have a few favorties... this big one below is one of them :D (all big ones are 8x10 frames, little ones are 5x7)

^^that bow was just PERFECT! (i couldn't believe it :D)

here's one where i replicated the colors and lace for some mini frames (5x7)... that black lace is just too flirty and cute!

the coral ribbon really brings out the stripe in one of the square pieces.

ooh, and this next one just has "Ginny" written all over it--fun colors, etc :D

i loved how the papers i picked had some foil on them, flocking, or glitter, and it made parts of the art just a little more "special."

this shows a stack of them...

this is a variation of the first piece i made... for an uncle... so the navy background was good for that.

and a mini one (5x7) here in the "fun" colors. i actually designed the remaining little frames differently--they ended up being the same scalloped square shape as the big ones, just on a smaller scale.

oh my gosh... this next ribbon bow is divine. i am in love with the ribbon here... my fav bow by FAR!

this was for an uncle... so i tried to keep it masculine. greens, tans, navy, etc... did i succeed?

anyway, thanks for hanging in there! i have a shopping trip with my aunt, grandma, mom and sister to go on today... oh how i love shopping! :D

thanks for stopping by, and also for your lovely comments.


Domna said...

Great idea to do a fotoframe with a little pieces!

celi.a said...

I adore these - and I think they make very classy presents. Great crafting, Ginny!

Lisa Petrella said...

Oh my gosh, Ginny! These are AWESOME!! My favorite one is the very last one---the colors, the perfect bow!!!! I definitely think you should post some of these on Etsy!

..::Paulina::.. said...

I absolutely LOVE the frame you made for me. I want to hang it in my crafting area after I paint! :)