Thursday, December 10, 2009

i LOVE you Christmas!

hi again! i've been sadly absent from the blog, but here i am--back with some yummies all over again :D (this post will be sort of short though--so enjoy lots of pictures and not much "talk"!)

this time i'm featuring a new banner i made for Christmas. now, i know it spells "LOVE" and it may look pink, green, and white to you, but it's Christmas themed.

i am already done with another banner that says "JOY" and will be working on a "PEACE" banner shortly. so, you get the idea...

i really am creating for Christmas--love, joy, peace. and aren't these fun? embellishment heaven, i'd say. i have a whole big pile of fun things on my desk--all pink and green :D

this banner gave me an opportunity to emboss on vellum for the first time--so pretty, i think. definitely will be doing this more often...
and here's the finished product:

anyway, thanks for stopping by after my too long absence. hope you enjoy! i'll be back soon, hopefully (*crosses fingers*)
have a great Friday!


..::Paulina::.. said...

Yay! Glad you got another one of your banners posted! These are such yummy colors, Ginny. I'm still in awe of how patient you are with putting these together...I would probably only get to LO and give up. ;)

~amy~ said...

hey you...I'm doing some google reader catch up tonight...sweet banner!!!!

celi.a said...

This looks so CUTE! I'm glad you put it up over the fireplace - that's a perfect spot!