Sunday, November 29, 2009

nearing the end of NaNoWriMo

i am so close it's not even funny.

i am working on my National Novel Writing Month novel, which has yet to have a title, and i'm really close to reaching to 50,000 word goal... just a few more thousand words. i have been neglecting the blog here lately, and while i was going to update sometime this weekend with a new card or tag, i was suddenly unable to because of Internet issues at home.

so i'm writing this from the library, and thus writing it without any pictures to show you. yes, it's bad. i really didn't realize how awful it was to not be able to check your email until it i went by the living room computer about eight times in one hour, thinking every time, "oh, i'll check my email... oh wait... just kidding." it was embarrassing.

it's just bad. but i'll stop complaining and get back to writing. i'm really glad you stop by every once in a while and ask me how it's going--makes me accountable, which is good. thanks for that.

thought i'd leave you with a fun picture... it's of my Thanksgiving dinner on thursday. it was yummy.

and yes, i did put the broccoli "tree" in my mashed potatoes and then made a "lake" with the gravy. it never hurts to do fun things, right? i love playing with my food :D

hope you enjoy the last part of your holiday weekend (if you did have a holiday weekend), and i'll be back as soon as possible :D


~amy~ said...

Sounds like you're very close to being exciting!!! Love your tree & lake:)

Leah the Orange said...

what a YUMMY looking meal! glad you had a nice thanksgiving (and dinnah!), and KUDOS on nearly reaching your target! it's okay to neglect the blog if it means you're doing good things for the sake of GOOD LIT!

Lynne in NI said...

Mmm, your dinner looks lovely Ginny! And potatoes TASTE better with a gravy lake!