Sunday, November 15, 2009

WINNER, cards, nano, and more :D

okay, so O.M.Gosh! there were sooo many comments on the blog candy giveaway! this has been an awesome blog birthday, even though i'm the one giving away the presents :D i am still in awe that i have been running a blog for ONE YEAR! it's really a benchmark.

i loved hearing everyone's comments about their goals and how they accomplished them--so many of you have gotten into shape, and that is awesome!

well, i used to generate a random number for comments... and our winner is

comment #41 Lynne

of Ruby-Dooby-Doo's Stampin Spot!

congratulations--your zip-wire slide sounds like fun--what a super goal! :D

send me your info to larsenvt (AT) gmail (DOT) com, and i'll send out your goodies! thanks for playing everyone!

whether you know it or not, you've all encouraged me to keep on writing my novel... it's definitely something i'm going to follow through with because i have seen your successes. my story is getting interesting--so far i have about 7 characters, and they're going to be on a reality TV show--but i have only just been introducing them (in the first 20,000 words!) my characters include:

  • Jen - a 15 yr old girl and her dad, Jerry. they lost their mom/ wife 7 months ago

  • Melli - a 20 something year old, sister to Paul, dealing with a crazy pet dog

  • Aitken - bounty hunter from Moon

  • Derek - mechanic on a space ship that just had a major explosion

  • Ian and Jason - talking coyotes who get into bar fights

  • Meridian - female MC of "The Big Space Game" who wants to jump start her career again(needing a new title for the reality show, but won't have to worry about that now)

so yeah, if you can't tell, i'm mixing genres, time periods, and just using bits of everything from my imagination. the best part is seeing where i'll go next--so far, i don't have a fixed plan, so i can really expand however i want :D

anyway, thanks for participating, and *please* make sure to check back--i've got more candy coming next month, at least.

now, on to the cards :D

i bet you're getting sick of seeing snowflakes, border punches, and velvet ribbon... well, this is the last batch, for now ;)

don't worry, i've got some super funky and ultra bright/ colorful cards to share tomorrow if this isn't quite your thing :D

this first one was made with my brothers in mind. i might pass it on to an uncle, though, since my brothers have seen this card before... but they liked it for Christmas, and that's what matters, right?

so glad you could stop by again--it means a lot. hope you have a fabulous week ahead!


~amy~ said...

super congrats to Lynne for winning the jackpot...your cards are delish the clean look to them. Hmmm...your book is sounding very fun!!!!

Lisa Petrella said...

Congratulations, Lynne!! Have fun with all of those goodies!!

Ginny, I'm liking the sounds of those characters in your book!! Sounds like you're making some good progress and having fun along the way!! Keep up the good work!