Saturday, November 21, 2009

concert and cards

oh my goodness.

if i haven't mentioned this before, i'll say it again... i LOVE music.

right now i'm on a Christmas music and classical music kick (don't ask... it might have something to do with the fact i loved playing in the concert band [clarinet] from elementary school through college and then the marching band [tenor sax] in college all 4 years). so yeah, i love listening to stuff that makes me react emotionally. that's why i have a HUGE pile of CD's a super long list of favorite artists...

and i love going to concerts... there's somethings that's just awesome about seeing one of your favorite artists performing songs that you know all the words to (cause believe me--i KNOW the words!) SO, i just went to a super fun concert. Jeremy Camp, Natalie Grant, and Bebo Norman came to MY town as the last stop on the "Speaking Louder Than Before" Tour. it was so great :D such a great time to reflect on my life and what God has been doing in my life, and what i need to change. i think that a lot of times when i get busy with life, i forget that i have a greater purpose for being here on Earth. so, i thought i'd share a bit... i took some photos that i cropped and compiled to share with you... mostly for the benefit of my friend Paulina who wasn't able to be there... because she's in CA (lucky ducky!)

and here are some cards... yes, i know these are Christmas cards again, and that they have snowflakes, and that they are simple, but i haven't had time to make any new ones, and these have been waiting in my stack to be shared, and i thought i'd do that now while i'm scrambling to find time to create.

phew! now moving on to a non-Christmas card. SEI poppy papers, apron lace punch from Fiskars, some ribbon (satin) and TA-DA!

see those smidges of polka dots on the bottom? it's the double sided paper working its magic :D

and that's it for me tonight. hopefully tomorrow i'll get something new created and posted... really been missing out on some great sketches lately. bummer! hopefully with Thanksgiving coming up i'll do some catch up, right? :D

thanks for looking! (oh, and in NaNoWriMo news, i'm at 26,711 words... plenty more to go, but as i tell my students, "Don't worry. I'm competitive... I'll finish." hehe :D)

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~amy~ said...

fun pics Ginny!!!! Sounds like you had fun at the concert! Love your cards...especially the poppy one...those colors just *pop*!

Have a super sunday!!!!!