Thursday, September 24, 2009

animal crackers layout

well, i was telling you last week about my upcoming crop. remember? well, if you don't, then just check out this post. anyway, it was AMAZING. i loved it. i had so much fun, was so productive, ate waaay too much food, and will definitely be going back next year.

this crop's location was in a nearby city, maybe 20 minutes from my house, so not too far away, but far enough to feel "away," you know?

well, as soon as i drove up to this place called "The Keepsake Cottage" (which by the way is booked almost every single weekend throughout the year with the exception of a few weeks in August), i was struck by how different its appearance was from what i'd expected. i walked in and was even more shocked! from the outside, what looked like a long rectangular single story "office" building almost (more house-ish, but still), was really a beautiful, well-appointed, and amazingly relaxed crop station! hard wood floors, full kitchen (with the cutest stools, tables, and centerpieces), ott lites, rolly chairs, 6 ft long tables, tons of outlets, a Cricut with EVERY SINGLE cartridge imaginable (seriously, i don't think there were any missing, aside from new releases!), 2 Big Shots, a TV/ DVD player, and about 8 different rooms--styled completely separately and fabulously.

in my assigned room i was greeted with some cute pink camo bedding. underneath it all, i had the MOST comfortable bed--pillowtop mattress, good support, everything was perfect, which was an added plus to the cuteness factor.

here's my bed, and above you can see the wall art--the lyrics to "Twinkle, twinkle, little star..."

let's just say i felt MORE than a little spoiled at this cottage. i was so blessed! oh, the nightstands held some noisemakers (i always have a fan running at home, so this was amazingly thoughtful) as well as earplugs for the snorers... not ME!

perhaps the best part, or *one* of the best parts, was the food... our hostess cooked EVERY SINGLE meal, and they were amazing! we had such good variety, quality, and we were treated with desserts after dinner and another "late night snack" towards the time of ten o'clock. i seriously probably gained 5 pounds! (so worth it :D)

the real best part of the whole weekend was the amount of work i got done. i was a machine, making layout after layout. in total, i made 36 layouts (some doubles mixed with singles) from events like last year's Fair pictures, to this year's missions trip to Ecuador.

it's going to take me a while to share all these layouts with you, but i'm super excited to do it... here's the first one, from the Fair last year, entitled, "Animal Crackers" showcasing the mama pigs and piglets that are newly born each year...
this layout is loosely follows Laura's sketch #35 from 2sketches4you... but i think i'll make a card to follow the sketch... gotta love the chunky scalloped edge!
in all my scrapbooking, i've never made that many layouts in that span of time... i think it was really helpful to have everything so spread out and having other people around me. i know for SURE that part of the reason for my success is related to the fact that i didn't have "anything else to do" too... made it easier to focus :D

here you can see a general view of the crop tables. mine is highlighted with the pink circle. i think i brought the most "stuff" to crop with, but it was a good thing, and i was glad i brought it.

here's my friend/ roomie, Shawna, getting things done on her computer so she could cross them off her "to-do" list. we shared a room, laughs, and lots of stories... so great to have her there with me :D

oooh, and a self-portrait. not one of my best, but i thought i'd better take one anyway. i didn't take many pictures while i was there because i was literally cranking out the pages!

oh, i'll have to share with y'all the PRIZE that i won... it's really an amazing prize, AND an amazing story.
anyway, i hope YOU get to have a fun weekend like i did at some point... i wish i could do these more often and with greater ease (i can't leave work that frequently). have you ever had a great (or horrible) cropping experience? care to share? :D

thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful Friday!


~amy~ said...

Hey you....looks like you had fun AND were productive..36 layouts?! sheesh...that's a TON!!!! Fun Animal crackers layout...hey, what's the prize that you won? I'm still going through the old google reader...

Laura Davis said...

Oh wow your scrapbooking getaway looks and sounded fabulous!! I'm so jealous :) Your LO is adorable who doesn't love a big fat mama piggy, super cute!
Thanks for playing at 2S4Y

Amy said...

What a Great LO!! You were a machine getting so many LO's done. When I went for my last weekend crop, about the only thing I got done was a whole lot of talking. LOL Anyway, you weekend sounds like it was a wonderful success. I really want to know what you won!!

Amy ♥
(and no stealing j/k)

..::Paulina::.. said...

I seriously thought I had commented on this....weird. I love this layout- you did a great job. Can't wait to see more of them! ;)

Heidi Van Laar said...

How FUN!! I can't believe how many LO's you completed...WOW!

The one you showed is fabulous!

(-: Heidi