Saturday, August 15, 2009

smile :D

here's a card i made a while back with my WildCard Cricut cartridge. it's got so many cute, fun, happy features, that i haven't even begun to make half of the cards i've thought of... this smile made me think of a good "feel better" kind of card--you know for those people who've had it rough lately, or just aren't feeling good... or just for bdays :D

there's some sweet sassafras paper (mini hearts... gotta love em) and of course a butoon and simple grosgrain ribbon. i inked up the sides, smile, and eyes on taht cutie smiley face so there'd be some more definition...
i'll definitely be breaking out this cut again... it's perfect! thanks for looking, and hope you're enjoying your summer :D
and for those of you who want to know about how Ecuador is treating me: it is SUPER! i love it. i have had a chance to teach at a conference already and am looking forward to sharing Bible stories with tons of little children next week :D


celi.a said...

Cute card! The smiley and big block letters are precious. Great concept!

Heidi Van Laar said...

Totally CUTE! I love the dimension!

(-: Heidi