Saturday, August 1, 2009

monkey box!

i'm back and i have a cold! :( yuck. it's like an ear-infection/ stuffiness combination. i was actually sick/ not feeling well for the majority of last week, but was able to tell stories and help out with the VBA just like normal (i'd just feel totally drained afterwards)... BUT! the good news is that while i was on outreach in Oregon, i missed the incredibly hot Washington weather! (and let me tell you, i was LUCKY! we're not used to 100+ degrees for several days in a row...)
unfortunately, i didn't get to schedule any posts for my absence, so you'll be seeing some cards i've already made, but haven't gotten to post in these next few days.
here we're starting off with a monkey gift box... hehe. the stamps come from the DoodleFactory line... don't you think the leaves and the monkey are too cute? :D i did some embossing for the leaves and the green around the rim of the box... just stamped my green pad directly on the edge and tapped some clear embossing powder over it! there's a little rubber frame on the lid, along with some K&Co rub-ons from their Actopus to Zelephant line.
inside you can kinda peek the monkey yo-yo inside :D this was a fun project, and cute gift... and i really enjoyed experimenting with some new things.
thanks for looking, and my apologies again for not posting in forever!


celi.a said...

Super cute! Did you make this as a gift?

Anonymous said...

Love the monkey box! Cute idea.

layia said...

it's a lovely green!
get well soon!

Heidi Van Laar said...

This is so cute and fun!

Hope you are feeling better soon! Be VERY happy you missed out on that was NOT fun!

(-: Heidi