Monday, August 24, 2009

i didn't know they had buttons!

here is a SUPER quick and easy card i made with some pretty patterned paper from a huge value pack... just cut the card to the preferred size, cut down the patterned paper (1/4" smaller), and find embellishments to match! you may recognize the same paper from *THIS POST* a while back...

in my case, the embellishments i pulled out matched the paper perfectly, and were super fun too! (who doesn't love orange :D) i layered some Prima flowers, and tied them all together with some orange twine and an Yves Saint Laurent button. yes, a button! i didn't know they made/ had buttons (i mean, i KNOW they had them on clothing, but i bought the button pack from Michael's that contained this orange cutie...) anyway, i was like, wow!

and there ya go. nothing fancy today, just the basics. i'm coming home today--from Ecuador (read about it in THIS POST). i'll be super super super busy the next few days transitioning into teaching/ coaching from summer, and i'll be re-adjusting to having my sister, Cecelia, home too, but never fear--i've actually pre-scheduled a post for tomorrow, so come back and check it out!

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celi.a said...

What a pretty, simple card! Love the button - the raised lettering is very stylish. Great design and construction!