Monday, March 2, 2009

kwerner's color inspiration #43

while i was stamping with Paulina on saturday, i got complete a card for Kristina Werner's Color Inspiration #43! i really love the colors, although i found when i actually got started that i was having a bit of trouble with some of my ideas. luckily i pulled out some "friendly forest" paper that i'd just bought, and it totally fit with the color scheme :) don't you love it when that happens?

well, i'm not totally in love with the sentiment, but it's an easy card to send to someone, right? btw, i made a few other cards that i'll be posting later--2 sets of 4 actually. (have i ever mentioned that i'm a production line? i often start one card and use ALL the materials from the paper, etc, to make matching ones... just they way i work, i guess)

and also, i'm so excited to show you all the really cute greetings i made for the other card sets--they come from DeNami Designs... so awesome!

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celi.a said...

not to quibble or anything, but you've got a few misspellings and grammar errors in this post.

okay, so i'm a hag. but i love you, and i expect you to be perfect, because i know you are.