Wednesday, March 4, 2009

daisy + denami design = delicious!

so i got to make a set of 4 cards like this with Paulina on saturday... fun stuff :D the best part was i got to use some different colors for the card base than normal (it's a bright/ almost flourescent green, hard to tell in the photo), and then some new paper (it's double sided from ...i can't remember, but it's new) with the cute polka-dot ribbon!

i wasn't sure what kind of sentiment i'd use, but i found the perfect match in the DeNami Design stamps--the "greetings" stamp + "the spring chickie." don't you just LOVE those chickies? i did... the flower overhead matches the front of the card perfectly--i couldn'tve planned it better.

my only complaint was that the double-sided paper is so cute, that i almost don't know which side to use... does that ever happen to you?
well, have a great day!

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