Tuesday, March 3, 2009

baby! + aloha

so on saturday i got to scrap/ stamp with Paulina, which was a TON of fun... i got to dip into the HUGE stash of DeNami Design stamps that Paulina has, and as a result, i came up with a "baby" card for one of my friends who's due with her 2nd child sometime in april... i keep telling her that she should wait it out until May 1st... the best birthday ever (mine, of course)! sometimes it's weird to think that i have married friends with babies while i haven't even had a boyfriend. oh well, it's all in God's time...

other than the cool baby card, i got to make a set of general cards. i decided to use "aloha" as the greeting and on the inside i put "you're a sweetie!" i love these cards cause they're so like me: bright, cheery, and fun :)

well, what do you think? thanks for your comments--they make me smile :D

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celi.a said...

i un-reservedly love the aloha card, but the baby one...something about it...maybe it's just that the turquoise at the back of the cut-out seems rather BOLD. for this card. not that i'm providing real criticism, you understand. i bow before your genius.

when are you going to send me a lovely card in the mail? (yes, i'm jealous)