Wednesday, March 11, 2009

happy birthday!

hi! maybe you've noticed i haven't been posting as much lately, and i can honestly say, "I have an excuse." (coming from a teacher, this had better be good, right?)

well, i've been coaching.

i started coaching girls water polo last year (so that makes it my 2nd year of just about everything--teaching, coaching swimming, and now coaching water polo), which means, in short--i'm eternally gone from home/ busy.
i know many of you probably didn't miss my absence, but i know I DID. i wish i had more time to get on my blog and update, or create, or just to comment on so many people's work--really, all the stuff i look at is amazing. i'm not kidding. i could blog hop for HOURS without getting tired. it's just i don't have hours--i have bitty bits of time.

anyway, i just wanted to thank those of you that DID notice my hiatus, and also to take the opportunity to wish a


to one of my friends--Carolyn. she's actually a stamper too, but currently without representation (aka a blog). i'm trying to pressure her slightly to start one along with her sisters Krista and Paulina who i spend lovely scrapping/ stamping saturdays with about once a month. i mean, C'MON! everyone's doing it! (:

but besides that, Carolyn is funny and smart, and super caring. she's very tactful--much more so than me... somehow she can say something honestly without hurting anyone's feelings ...even when i TRY i can't pull off half of the things she says. maybe it's the laughter she's always throwing into conversations. (oh, did i mention she's funny (: haha)

and that's all i'll say now before i embarass her. i know i won't see her until this weekend, so this card isn't for her (she might see it), but i wanted to post it anyway, it's a fun card, and i liked making it. i actually got a lot of the supplies on sale--
*the floral pins were in a pack of 100 (you'll be seeing these more) @ wal-mart in the clearance section for $2?
*the coaster (yes, it's actually a coaster) with the cherry background was in a pack of 4 on sale @ jo-ann's for $.50!

but besides all that i think it's a terrific card--probably going to send it to my grandma for her birthday... she likes my cards :)


celi.a said...

that's a super-cute card. and thanks for reminding me about nana's birthday. i would have forgotten... (eek!)

i'm going to d.c. this morning, so i will give gallo a big hug from you. loves. and CONGRATS on winning your polo games, dude! you = freakin' awesome.

Nicnakpattywhack said...

Thank you so much Ginny!! I was reminded to check your blog! Wow! What a sweet surprise! Thank you so much! You are great and an amazing person to hang out with. You are the life of the party!! Thanks again! :D