Wednesday, March 17, 2010

happy zomBee day

well, i know it's not really zombie day, in fact, it's St. Patrick's day... but, since i have this card to share with you, let's just pretend for a while that today has something to do with zombies. you may remember that i made a zombie card for my sister Cecelia to feature on her blog a while back... and that it was popular enough to make some bookmarks?

well, i have a friend who caught drift of this 'stamp altering' to make the images zombie-esque, and he asked for a set to give to his friends for his 'special' occasions (like birthdays).

and i'm happy to oblige :D especially when using DoodleFactory stamps from Starving Artists.

so here you can see my basic card--i've got some Cosmo Cricket yellow patterned paper along with some SEI and white buttons. i have the red ribbon tied through a slit i made behind the little zomBee (or zombie).

i think that the best pun in the world for this card would be for the inside to say one of the following:

happy (zom)Bday!
happy zombie day!
happy zomBEE day!

hehe... but that's just me being corny. you like? i love it when you tell me :D

thanks for stopping by, and have a LOVELY St. Patrick's day!


~amy~ said...

I LOVE it...happy st. patty's day to you!

Leah the Orange said...

i love corny, and the expression on the little dude's face is just TOO cute! awesome, Gin!

celi.a said...

Ha! You are too funny. That card is hilarious and cute and YOU all wrapped up in one. Great stuff, Gin!