Tuesday, March 16, 2010

glitter + gooey tuesday

super quick card--i LOVE how it turned out though :D

i stamped the focal image (using an old foam stamp from my high school years) in VersaMark and then added some clear embossing powder. i then sprinkled a whole bunch of DeNami glitter in fuschia all over the image while it was still warm, and heat set the image again.

then it was just a matter of getting the layers for the border at the bottom and then stapling the velvet ribbon onto the card--super easy like i said!

don't you love it though? i think it's awesome.

oh, i was going to share something different (and gooey) with you: a recipe!

since i've moved out on my own, i've loved making and eating my own meals, really and truly. on sunday night i put together a recipe for my crock-pot: a beef stew. it was AMAZING. so gooey and hearty and it smelled... OMGOSH SOOO.SO.SO.GOOD. seriously. it may not be the most original recipe, but it seriously hit the spot after a long day :D

i baked some fresh bread (using the artisan recipe stolen from Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes a Day) and paired the two together--ahh! perfection :D the weather here in Washington is still trying to make up its mind... we go between rainy and sunny about 2 times a day. this is the actual picture of the bread i've baked:

these two things were perfect (and i made enough to last a while!) anyway, i thought i'd leave you with a some links to the recipes :D you might be inspired to try them! let me know if you do...

thanks for visiting!


..::Paulina::.. said...

I think I need to come over and actually have a meal next time. ;) It's probably a good thing you don't live closer....if you did, I would be over there all the time!

Lisa Petrella said...

Oh my gosh, that bread looks divine!!! I love to cook, too, and can't wait to try your recipes!