Tuesday, November 27, 2012

B is for Balloons

hi there!  today B stands for BRIGHT as well... this card is the perfect pick-me-up from any of the cold weather blues you may be experiencing.  or maybe it's the sniffles.  or the sneezes.  no fun to be sick during the holiday season!

anyway, this card is chock full of dimension--flowers, canvas flowers, an alphabet card, washi tapes, some fabric ribbon and even a cute banner stick pin.

today i'm going to pick up the couch to add to my living room... i'm excited because it's also a pull-out bed, and i've been desperately needing one for guests that come along (and it also allows me to open my home more).  pretty happy about getting it for FREE as well :D  and even the delivery too--my youngest brother Joey has a truck that can haul just about anything.

you know what they say about people with trucks right?  they get asked to help with moving people/ things all the time... well, it's true.  i shamelessly use my brother to help me get things from point A to B if they can't fit in my awesome "Red Rocket" (aka a cherry red Toyota Matrix that i LOVE).

okay, back to the card...

you see what i mean?  all those lovely bright colors... they sort of remind me of some of my Christmas decorations... i decorate my tree in white/ silver/ and PINK.

well, what do you think?  a good pick-me-up card?  or maybe even for birthdays :D

thanks for stopping by, xoxo!

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Yes Ginny a very happy card! Hey I think that brother with the truck could use a card ;)