Tuesday, August 24, 2010

hope your day is fabulous and all that...

i really do hope your day was fabulous... because otherwise, that just wouldn't be fun, now would it?

hehe... well, i'm ba-aack! i've been in Idaho for a week (got back Saturday after a long 12 hour drive) doing my last Vacation Bible Adventure of the summer with my church. it was good, it was HOTTT, it was tough, and i learned a lot.

i'll miss the busyness and the hardness of the VBA when school starts in two weeks, but right now i'm seriously just enjoying some down time. i made some cupcakes tonight, along with one layer of a cake that i'm baking for my brother's upcoming 24th birthday. i also made jell-o last night... first time in forEVER. it's been yummy.

oh, and i totally had some delicious burrito today with some shredded pork from the slow cooker that was just begging to be let out of the freezer for a taste :D

so yeah. my bits and pieces of summer have definitely been yummy.

now, on to the cards for today. they feature Dawn's PTI Signature Greetings and an Impress flower. there's also PTI's Polka Dot Basics II on the bottom of each of these stamped in VersaMark.

these cards were super fun and easy to whip up... all i did 'special' was emboss each flower image and add some matching ribbon to coordinate it all together...

hope that these bring a smile to your face... they sure look cute all lined up together :D

okay, i'm off to finish the icing for the cupcakes, and then i'm going to watch "Zombieland" which i normally wouldn't watch (especially on my own), but my sister, brother, and DAD all thought it was funny. so yeah. i'll probably put in a cute flick like "Confessions of a Shopaholic" soon after to soothe my mind while i polish off the remainders of the 12 cupcakes i just baked.

ack, my life. :D

thanks for stopping by! (please say hi... it makes me SOOO happy!!)


~amy~ said...

Soooo behind on my google reader....

Love your cards!!! You are always soo good @ making multiple cards...I should do that too, but haven't started that, yet...

Anne said...

These cards are AMAZING!! I love your style, happy to have found your blog!! (I point to you from my blog during the DeNami Hop tomorrow). Nice to meet ya GinnyLou!!