Wednesday, October 7, 2009

monster cards and a little about me

hey there! so last Saturday was World Card Making Day, and as i was surfing the web for all the fun stuff going on that day, i happened upon the Caardvarks survey regarding paper crafting. i thought at first--"there's too many questions," (ha! this coming from the English teacher), but as a dutiful sister would (*cough, cough* CHOKE) i followed my sister's encouragement to fill out the Caardvarks survey anyway. now i'm glad i did, even though it took some thought and typing :D you know, good things *DO* often take some time... BUT, the cool part is that some of my responses were actually highlighted on the blog on Sunday. :D

i've included my full responses below the pictures... i hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about me and my paper crafting style!

this group of cards uses the Doodle Stack from DCWV, a lot of red, green, and kraft. also, all the stamps are PTI sentiments that i borrowed from my friend Paulina.

don't you love those little faces of horror and delight? :D they make me laugh.

i showed these to my brother Peter, and he said, "When am I going to get my birthday card? Can this be my birthday card?" i just about fell over laughing--i said, "YES! ...just let me write something on the inside." anyway, i know if it passes muster when my brothers like it :D

all the layouts are similar, with just a few parts arranged differently. i had a fun time distressing the edges with an actual distresser as opposed to my scissors... SOOO much easier :D
anyway, here are the Q/A's as promised, and if you haven't already seen my BLOG CANDY from a previous post, you need to get going! go over and enter by leaving a comment--it's that easy :D

What is your favorite part of the card making process?
I love making the card… finding the right paper, cutting out the pieces I need, and putting it all together. I also really like adding the finishing touches—the glitter at the end, or the flower embellishment.

What's on your craft table right now?
A card in process: DoodleFactory “Santa” stamped in chocolate ink on cream paper. I’m working on a combo challenge card for Christmas—it’ll count towards Dawn Mcvey’s Color Challenge as well as 2sketches4you, Kazan’s sketch.

What color combos do you most enjoy?
Ooooh, I absolutely LOVE pink and black. I wear it a lot, so that may be a reason why.

Where do you gather inspiration?
Everything. I like looking at blogs and sketches, but really, when I’m not basing a card or layout on someone else’s art, I just kinda look around and ideas start flowing. I am not currently keeping an idea book, and luckily, haven’t *had* to keep one—my ideas haven’t stopped yet :D Pretty paper doesn't hurt one bit either--having things on hand helps me get going!

How many cards do you make in an average week?
Well, because I teach full time (9th grade English), and coach girls swimming, I generally only get to create on the weekends. Maybe 3-4?

How did your passion for card making begin?
My friend Paulina kinda got me started. She invited me to a scrapbooking convention last November, and I ended up going and spending a *ton* of money. Then I had all these things I was looking to use, so I started a blog, looking at work that I admired, and then it just kind of took off from there. I have always loved Paulina’s cards, and still point to her encouragement as the reason I started blogging/ card making.

What's your favorite card theme?
I love making cards for birthdays. I tend to go “whole hog” as my sister Cecelia would say, and the last couple of “cards” I’ve made have turned into booklets :D hehe. I especially like making cards for people I know intimately—family, friends, co-workers, because it gives me pleasure knowing I’ve created something they’ll love.

What 3 pieces of advice would you give to a new card maker?
Keep trying new things. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Update your blog/ photo gallery frequently. (Advice #4: participate in challenges and comment on other work—they’ll come back to your blog and leave you encouragement and good feedback if you ask.)

Other than card making, what other hobbies do you enjoy?
I love scrapbooking (even though it’s in the same category as card making), and watching movies. I’m something of a movie addict—I love watching movies just about all the time. I also love baking, when I get a free moment… anything with chocolate (banana nut chocolate bread, chocolate chip cookies, etc).

Do you send or hoard your cards?

Both. When I create something specific (birthday, anniversary, thank you, etc) then I send it right away. BUT, I usually don’t have a specific purpose in mind when I make all the cards I do—so I have ended up with a stash of cards that keeps piling up. I am working on de-hoarding that stash by slowly listing these cards on Etsy. We’ll see how it goes :D
thanks for stopping by, and don't forget to check out the candy HERE!


celi.a said...

Aren't you glad you followed my advice?! ;) Sister knows best. Love these cards - thanks for letting me steal one! And I enjoyed reading your answers again. Hugs!

..::Paulina::.. said...

Glad that you filled this out, Ginny! As always, I enjoy learning more about you. :) I'm glad that I got you started on this blogging/ card making's been fun to do it together! You have improved leaps and bounds, and you have also developed a following! I'm proud of all that you have accomplished. Keep up the fab work!

~amy~ said...

such stinkin' fun monsta cards...that paper is toooooooooo cute!!!!

Love reading aboutcha!!!