Wednesday, April 6, 2011

my brain isn't always logical...

hey everyone! long time, no see, right?

well, i wanted to share a few things with you, but beware! they're in no particular order and aren't necessarily crafty:

  • my friend Paulina has an awesome fitness blog and she's having a GIVEAWAY that you can still get entered in
  • i recently joined PINTEREST and have become quite addicted. thankfully i'm busy right now, so my time on the site is limited, but BOY oh BOY!
  • my co-teacher Jen and i are heading to Seattle this weekend for our twice yearly scrapbook retreat... we're going to be experimenting with paperbag scrapbooks, so it should be fun... oh, and we'll also be making sure that we just relax and enjoy ourselves, maybe have a drink or two :D
  • i'm going to be joining a band in the next week... i know what you might be thinking, a BAND?? really? well, it's not a rock band, and i'm not going to be singing... i'll be playing one of the two instruments i know--the tenor saxophone (i've played the clarinet for longer, but don't enjoy it as much). i'll be in a community band (about 40 people, aged 16-70+) that practices once a week and plays concerts throughout the year. it seems like it's laid-back, which is perfect for me since i won't be able to go to every single practice, you know? BUT, one thing you should know. i am SUPREMELY excited about this. in my college search back in HS, i specifically looked for a college that had 3 things: water polo, marching band, and a good education program. i was blessed to have found one that specifically met my requirements :D so yes, i have "band camp" stories, and they're actually hilarious. i loved playing ALL FOUR YEARS in my college marching band. in fact, if i could afford it, i'd go back every single year and play in the alumni marching band performance they have every fall. music for me is almost like crafting... it relaxes me, and i love being a part of a group. does anyone kwim?
  • i'm currently reading "To Kill A Mockingbird," and i really love it. i somehow missed reading this in HS or college, and i'm so glad i picked it off my shelf recently.
    (photo courtesy of
  • my birthday is coming up, and i recently discovered the Amazon Wishlist feature. does anyone else use this? i think it's awesome because you can post anything from the internet to whatever wishlist you want, and it puts it all in one place. amazing.
  • the library system in my county now has free music downloads through a resource called "freegal." the music you get can even be downloaded to an iPod, etc. how cool is that?? :D
  • i'm decorating birdhouses instead of making cards or scrapbooking. i mean, i'm not going to stop doing either of the other things (tongue-twister there), but for RIGHT NOW, i've been making some decorative birdhouses that will go around my apartment.

    (note to self: still must share apartment photos. after i do 4 loads of laundry. *le sigh*)
and that's it, i think... oh, please come back for the DeNami Design Blog Hop on sunday...

DeNami April Blog Hop

because it will be awesome... thanks for stopping by and leaving your lovely comments :D

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~amy~ said...

good grief woman...chock full of info....

gotcha on the pinterest..I could spend hours in one sitting over there...very dangerous! I bet you girls are going to have so much fun this always manage to crank out tons of that album...coolio on the friend joined a Glee club of sorts..she's been enjoying are multi-talented!!! wooo hooo on the birthday...when is it? :)