Thursday, January 6, 2011

dude! upcoming CSN product review

hi there blog friends!

i have some exciting news about a deal from CSN stores... the full story (below) is delicious and embarrassing, so read on to get the juicy details. but just as a tidbit, did you know that CSN Stores has over 200 online stores where you can find everything from stylish handbags, to Herman Miller chairs, or great cookware? yuppers, that's right... so keep on reading here...

but first,

can i ask you a question? why are good things so difficult sometimes? take blogging for instance... i love the encouragement and community i gain from being surrounded by amazing people, but sometimes i forget to schedule time into my calendar to enjoy those things. and the holidays... i'm a HUGE Christmas fan, but sometimes being with family is rough, and even though it's good/ you miss them... well it still, dare i say, sucks?

that being said, i'm glad to be back. maybe regularly, maybe not. i'm not gonna lie, i really don't know how this year is gonna pan out.

i just know it'll be fun. and awesome. and exciting...

oh yeah, like this amazing and exciting "FIRST" for me... i get to review a product for CSN stores!! i've wanted to do a review on something for like, FOREVER, and i never have... i mean, i've even offered my services as a book reviewer for my sister Cecelia, and i still don't think she's asked me (oh wait, there must be an email about that book tucked away somewhere...) but, that's not the point. i get to do a review. now, i'm not a resolution person, and i actually don't have many goals written down, except for maybe get.married.soon. (ha! after i find a guy! *goes looking...*) so when i heard about this opportunity to get FREE STUFF, i actually emailed my sister something along these lines (ahem, exact wording included):
"this seems fake. what do you think?", i rubbed my eyes and shook my head, pinched myself, looked over the details in the email, and then realized that i had accidentally sent the question to Cameron, the awesome CSN representative i'd been hearing from.

OOPS. hehe, CRAP. *hits head against wall, tries to unsend email, prays that it doesn't go through*

and then i sent the query FO' REALZ to my sister, and she zapped me back with:
"That's how I got my free pan and bakeware and coffee press! Doooooo iiiiit."
(you know in that crazy voice that that one guy does in that one commercial...? no remember? eh, oh well.)

and then i hoped that since i'd resolved wait, decided that i was gonna DO THIS, that Cameron wouldn't write me off as some crazy person which i so totally am not even when i do bounce around teaching my students things like when the clock says "12:34" you should lift both feet off the ground and 'make a wish.' yes, that's right, i teach 7th grade... i try to get to their level... HA!

and turns out, i'm not as psycho as numerous testings have revealed. so it's a good thing on both counts. 'cuz CSN stores have like, EVERYTHING! i'm totally hitting up the cookware... and maybe a shoe horn.

so here's a sneakie peak at what i PLAN/ HOPE to get from this deal-io (all of my wish-list is totally subject to change and my every whim which is totally understandable considering the awesomeness offered to me for FREE!!!)

a hand mixer. (which i don't have... hmm--problem? yes. soon to be rectified!)

a microplane zester (good for zesting things. Ree, the Pioneer Woman recommends them, as does a best friend of mine... freshly zested nutmeg topping whipped cream on top of hot buttered rum is like... HEAVEN. can i die now? just kidding... now, i may not get a pink handle, we'll see how i'm feeling about my favorite colors when i place my order :D ha!)

i say that the best part about this is, that when i do my review of the products i get from CSN, and when i use these items when i make cakes or cupcakes, or muffins, or icing, or on mixed drinks, or to get my shoes on, i'll think of you all and remember to blog more. (or at least that's what i'm hoping...)

and that, my friends, is all i think i can muster today. we'll talk about cards and scrapbooks later, and how my craft room is even more awesome than i thought possible, and maybe...

oh bugger, i'll just let you leave, and you can stop by later and see what i mean.


(oh, i almost forgot to ask... any thoughts on the new banner? i'm debating whether to lose the dotted background part... comments welcome! :D thanks dearies!)


~amy~ said...

i love your new bloggie banner..did you do that yourself? I'm so not a techie:)

I cracked up about the email...sounds like something I would do...

happy new year my friend:)

celi.a said...

That email and follow-up were HILARIOUS. Hope you enjoy doing the review!