Thursday, October 21, 2010

you are special...

you really are. i can't believe you stop by and read my blog. it makes ME feel special. but really, we're still talking about you here. (how do i get off on tangents sooo quickly? it must be a disease *le sigh*)

today's card comes from the vaults and crannies in my computer.

i am reorganizing my craft room which is sort of out of commission (making way for a bigger table, which means i'll now have 3 work surfaces to crowd with paper, etc!) and i haven't posted a lot of the projects i have on my computer.

this card was made specifically for a teacher that had to leave our school because her military husband was moved to a different base across the country. i was originally going to give her a smaller card, but realized it wouldn't hold all of the signatures/ well-wishes that my staff would be writing, so the card is HUGE (i used a whole 8.5 x 11 sheet)!

and that's it. i have a proverbial pile of projects that need to be posted, so look for them later.

thanks for stopping by, i hope your weekend is fabulous!


..::Paulina::.. said...

Awwwww......this card is adorable. I'm sure the teacher LOVED getting it, especially with all the well wishes inside!

Hold on, you're getting another table?! Girl, you will be caught up with me on table space! You know what that means? You will have NO excuses not to craft, which also means you have to blog. ;)

celi.a said...

Gorgeous card! And thanks for the happy vibes. They make me love you even more. Also...I agree with Paulina. More crafting/more blogging/more Ginny, please!

~amy~ said...

doin' my bloggie catch up here...such a wonderful how you created the butterfly with the clippie dealio...very fun!