Wednesday, September 1, 2010

beautiful blushing dahlias

really quick post today! hope your week isn't hectic like mine... i've been at school SOOO much this week and last getting all prepped for school--things are coming together in my classroom, but i still have lots to do.

here are some cards featuring PTI's Delightful Dahlia set... i used some of the flowers and leaves as background on the bottom of the card, and then stamped them on the tags that i tied off with ribbon and buttons!

i also used MM Girlfriend paper (the pink polka dots) and pleated the paper to create a fun border strip along the bottom...

i think that if you follow my blog at all, you know that i like to make multiples of the same design/ card so that i have something handy when the need for a gift or card arises... these were made for those 'just in case' times :D

thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments... it's so good to hear from you! i'll do my best to post again this week, but no guarantees as i'll probably be trapped at school--hehe :D


Lisa Petrella said...

These are so sweet! LOVE LOVE LOVE those tags and the pleated polka dotty paper! Good luck with your final school preparations!!!

~amy~ said... these too!!!!

Anne said...

Brilliant!! Great design!

celi.a said...

Love the different shades of pink you used for these. The palette is beautiful (just like you).