Monday, June 7, 2010

what a weekend!

wow, i've been busy! one of my fellow teachers asked me how my weekend went, and i was like... i can't remember, but it was good. and no, i wasn't blacked out/ hungover for it :D i just had a lot of good times!

first of all, on friday night, i got to have dinner with a dear girlfriend. we talked for a solid 3+ hours at a mexican restaurant... and then we went to coffee (or italian soda for me) and then we talked more. hehe, love how those things work. then i watched a movie until waaay too late with my sweet brothers--fun!

saturday, i was scheduled to meet up with a friend in the morning to give my 'seal of approval' (or something like that :D haha!) for a house that she will be renting with her family soon... i got to see what she meant after she'd done her best to describe the 'farmhouse' feel and the lovely yard, etc. her kids are going to love the tree fort and the awesome grate in the upstairs hallway that looks DIRECTLY into the ceiling of the living room... i predict that some kids spying on parents will occur :D

here's her youngest baby boy... he fell asleep JUST like this not seconds after i snapped the picture with my phone--what a cute little baby :D (hand on the ear, one on the chest... did your kiddos do something funny like this?)

well, i spent the afternoon with my friend and her lovely brood of children (even helped her husband install their AC), and then went off to STAMP NIGHT at the Impress Rubber Stamp shop. i've mentioned these before, and i've really come to love love LOVE them because i get to use the stamps i don't own, and also all sorts of ink colors :D

here's a pretty crummy picture of the THIRTY-TWO cards (finished, mind you!) that i created on saturday night... now that's a new record! never before have i been to one of these and created so many cards (i mean, yes, some were one layer cards, but hey! that's still work, and definitely not my 'normal' style.) what a great night!

here are some pictures of a few of the one-layer cards i made... i'll be posting more as the week goes on.

i can't say that i've ever tried out the black frame around the card edge... it really makes the focal point 'pop,' don't you think?

these would be good for masculine birthday cards, even if i did use flowers instead of something else. speaking of bday cards... my dad will be needing one soon ;)

oh, i don't know if you get lovely sunsets like this, but when i was stamping away, my *other* friend that attended stamp night with me said, 'look at the sky!' and i couldn't resist snapping this with my phone camera. Washington is beautiful when it wants to be (and really saturday was 'the' day to be outside).

ooooh, and if stamping, making 32 cards, and a lovely sunset weren't enough already, get a LOOK at these CUPCAKES! :D hehehe... yes, i got to the carton before more were taken away to meet their owner's stomachs. not sure where these were purchased, but they were just as yummy as they look... which was AMAZING! i had a chocolate one to start, and since no one eating more, i took a pink/ vanilla one... hehe. no rules against 2nds on dessert, right?

sunday was equally busy as well, but one thing i got to do was have an impromptu photo shoot of self portraits. you may have noticed my new blog profile picture... i was wearing a cute outfit for church and decided to make the most of it. what do you think of the massive flower in my hair? it's gotta be one of my favorite accessories. :D

well, thanks for stopping by, and i hope you have a totally awesome week ahead of you! i only have 9 days left of teaching school for the year. needless to say, i'm quite excited. *QUITE* :D

hehe, well, have fun! :D


~amy~ said...

cutie pie pic of the baby...looks sooo tiny...

32 cards?!!! Wow...and YES I love that black outline dealio...sooo makes the images POP....

Saturday was gorgeous...Sunday was icky...can't it make up its mind?

I LOVE your new profile pic...sooooo fun!

celi.a said...

You are so cute! And 32 cards is insane! sounds like you had a fantastic weekend. Good luck with the rest of school. I heart you.

Karen B. said...

Love these cards and agree that the black outline makes a card pop, especially with the green!